I had the great opportunity to assist to the french event Séminaire Oracle SPARC SuperCluster: Le premier système intégré Oracle multi-fonctions, which took place in Paris last Tuesday, April 5, 2012.

Follow the slides corresponding to this event.

Title: Introduction Harry Zarrouk

Speaker: Harry Zarrouk, Managing Director, Oracle Systems France

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/00_intro_ssc_harry_zarrouk.pdf (fr) (1.4 MB)

Title: Présentation Oracle SPARC SuperCluster

Speaker: Jean-Yves Migeon, Business Development Manager

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/01_ssc_overview.pdf (fr) (1.5 MB)

Title: Solutions optimisées Oracle sur SPARC SuperCluster

Speaker: Eric Bezille, CTO Oracle Hardware France

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/02_rapid_appli_reduced_risk_oos.pdf (fr) (1.4 MB)

Title: Illustration avec Oracle PeopleSoft HCM/Scenarii d'intégration

Speaker: Nathalie Sabatte, Principal Sales Consultant Applications

Speaker: Eric Bezille, CTO Oracle Hardware France

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/03_peoplesoft_on_ssc.pdf (fr) (1.2 MB)

Title: SPARC SuperCluster, un système "Production Ready"

Speaker: Pascal Guy, Solution Architect, EMEA Expert Server Group

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/04_ssc_production_ready.pdf (fr) (2.4 MB)

Title: SPARC SuperCluster: retour d'expérience clients

Speaker: Dario Wiser, Sr.Manager, SuperCluster Business Development

URL: http://www.ndclients.com/oracle/downloads/05_supercluster_ref_usecases.pdf (fr) (0.4 MB)