You are a big corporate Sun customer? You are particularly interested in running the Solaris operating system on various and heterogeneous x64/x86 platforms including non-Sun servers (more and more hardware providers are certifying their servers to run the Solaris 10 OS these days)?

You are already aware that H-P can be a SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for both their hardware and the support for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, and will enjoy the very same mechanism for the Solaris platform?

Well. It is now possible... and a little more in fact: this quiet the opposite. I mean, you can ask Sun to be the SPOC for running Solaris on Sun and non-Sun systems. I feel strongly having Sun to be the very first entry point is a must, in particular since they know really well (today) what can be done on Solaris on x64/x86 platforms, seeing the rise of work which is currently achieve through the OpenSolaris project. Not only Solaris (and its open source counterparts distributions) is becoming more and more relevant in the x64/x86 AMD/Intel world, but they are leading innovations on these platforms.

So, enjoy the not-so-recent announcement about the new SunSpectrum Enterprise Service Plan for enterprise customers.