Oracle On The Future Of OpenSolaris, Finally

Feb 28, 2010 | 1 minute read
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Tag: Oracle

After the official and long-awaited public information from Oracle on the merge with Sun Microsystems, some great news came on both hardware and software portfolios, in particular the x86 ans SPARC ecosystems, and around the Solaris operating system.

The main unknown was about the OpenSolaris community, and distribution model. And until very recently, some important voices around the community stayed without answer, in particular from Ben Rockwood, or Peter Tribble.

Well, until recently. In fact, the OpenSolaris Annual Meeting (held on IRC through the #opensolaris-meeting canal last 26 February) brought some answers very shortly, which currently begin to spread through the community. I hope this will quiet some recent misunderstanding on the support model of the OpenSolaris distribution.