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Multi-platform UNIX systems administrator and consultant in mutualized and virtualized environments. Architecture and expertise building strong UNIX/Linux experience in large enterprises such as banking and financial services, IT services, Telecommunication and multimedia companies. Oracle ACE Alumnus, Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), and Professional (OCP) in Solaris technology realm.

I currently work for CA-GIP in Paris, France. My resume is available as ODT, and PDF formats–in French.

I had the great opportunity to be profiled for the Peer-to-Peer colum of the Oracle Magazine, which is an international publication published by Oracle on a monthly basis.

Although the interview is now available online, it has also been truncated because of some space concerns, and other things related to the format of the publication. For those who are interested, here is the complete interview.

Participation in the writing of an article on OpenSolaris published in the GNU/Linux Magazine France, with Yves Mettier: brief history, major distributions, use with a concrete case, and evolution to come. Access to the magazine is available for reference purpose.

Some blog posts were advertised in the Oracle ACE Watch section of the following newsletters:

  • FreeBSD Port I was the maintainer
  • FreeBSD PR I’ve sent



As for a lot of things in this world, there is no real reason behind it. It must be unique, quickly identifiable and… have a hidden meaning (like all Good Names(TM)).

So, after some time trying to figure out which may be a good name for this place, my choice went for a very uncommon one: thilelli. This name, also sometimes spelled tilelli, is in fact a (female) first name with Berber’s origin, which means Freedom. What a hidden meaning for an open source based project, isn’t it?

The short answer is basically… me. A more longer answer is that it was registered at More information related can be found at whatever WhoIs you prefer.

Because English is so common in Information Technology (the main purpose of this blog), I thought it may be necessary to write in this language in order to be more widely accessible through a lot of readers. However, since I am a French guy and not a native English speaker, any spelling/grammar mistakes are not to be excluded. Feel free to proofread my pages and email me, if any. Thank you!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Oct 13, 2013

Move Away From The Press Review

Well, a little bit of history about the press review. Initially, the press review was born as a request from one of my customer, a little more than four years ago. A this time, this review was oriented towards its locally used technology only, and was commented and discussed to sum things up appropriately according to its own needs. Since then, this review was finally regularly published on this blog--some months after I leaved this customer in fact--, but it now takes me some time to collect and format, and was not really discussed anymore: it's just a bunch of (I hope ;-)) interesting links, but without much of value as it stands now. Read more
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If you care, the best way to contact me is certainly by email. Although this an asynchronous and informal method, I really tend to prefer this way since it best corresponds to my needs (at least for a first contact). Generally speaking, I am very busy. I am busy with real life, and I am busy working as an IT system engineer. I rarely answer GSM mobile phone calls directly, especially with an unknown caller phone number.

Take into account that I am attentive to the format of email I receive, too. Please consider reading Using Internet mail, written by Greg Lehey, to have an idea of what I mean here (although a little bit outdated, it is mostly always applicable). If you are always interested to contact me, you can email me right now.