Move Away From The Press Review

Oct 13, 2013 | 2 minutes read
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Tag: Press

Well, a little bit of history about the press review. Initially, the press review was born as a request from one of my customer, a little more than four years ago. A this time, this review was oriented towards its locally used technology only, and was commented and discussed to sum things up appropriately according to its own needs.

Since then, this review was finally regularly published on this blog--some months after I leaved this customer in fact--, but it now takes me some time to collect and format, and was not really discussed anymore: it's just a bunch of (I hope ;-)) interesting links, but without much of value as it stands now. More, that information which are asynchronous by nature are not well served when published once a month, when interesting news came at the beginning of a month and is only released four weeks later through the press review.

So, I decided to push these links more synchronously through my Twitter account, which feed this need more appropriately I think. This way the information will flow more regularly, and no need to wait for a bunch of them late each month. Please follow @thilellidotnet to subscribe to the new form of the press review :)

Last, I just want to say I will try my best to resurrect the old purpose of this blog which is more about writing technical contents, better served using this kind of media.

I hope these changes will fit your needs. Please let me know if you see any problem with this move. Thank you.