DHCP Bug Reintroduced in SXCE Build 57

Apr 08, 2007 | 1 minute read
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Tags: DHCP, Bug

After live upgrade'ing to snv_57, i was unable to get network informations, normally obtained using internal DHCP server. In the system log file, i can see something like:

Sat Feb 17 11:06:18 unic /sbin/dhcpagent[1494]: [ID 91213 daemon.warning]
 configure_v4_lease: incorrect broadcast address specified
 for nge0; ignoring
Sat Feb 17 11:06:18 unic /sbin/dhcpagent[1494]: [ID 94624 daemon.warning]
 checkaddr: expected peer address on nge0, have

In fact, it seems an old bug was reintroduced while working on an other (related) CR. See bug report 6516629 for a detail description of the problem. Since it was already fixed in snv_58, and because there are other known issues with this build being unable to boot some systems i will stay with build 56, waiting for build 58.