Patching an x86 Miniroot Image for the Solaris OS

Apr 08, 2007 | 1 minute read
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Tags: x86, JumpStart, Patch

Generally speaking, BigAdmin is a great and valuable source for Sun's systems administrators. Here is an awesome article describing how to patch (update) the kernel used during an installation or system upgrade process, known as miniroot, for x86 based Solaris platform.

At work, we precisely encounter a bug between Solaris 6/06 and the provided nVidia driver which prevents jumpstarting it on a Sun Fire X4100 M2 Server. The support team said we can apply specific patches, already present in Solaris 11/06 at that time. Because we don't really known the exact procedure to follow to update the miniroot accordingly, and because these machines must be provisioned very quickly, we doesn't investigate much on that way (ending installing them with DVD-ROMs, in servers room). Now, after reading the proposed article, we will certainly take the time to do so... if we know how to get the proper bundle of patches to correct our bug.