Although already present for months in the Sun's OpenSolaris distribution, the new Secure By Default Network Profile feature is now available with the 11/06 update of the official Solaris release.

If you didn't get it through a fresh install, you can turn it on using the provided shell script (as /usr/sbin/netservices). It all works well, except in our case (at work) we want to be able to do remote display on X11. So, we use this quickly-written script in order to be able to do so easily:

# cat /tmp/svc.netservices
#!/usr/bin/env sh

echo "Setting the limited SMF configuration..."
netservices limited

echo "Setting the open form of x11-server..."
svccfg -s x11-server setprop options/tcp_listen = boolean: true

echo "Setting the open form of cde-login..."
svccfg -s cde-login setprop dtlogin/args = "\"\""
echo "Refresh the cde-login SMF service..."
svcadm refresh cde-login

echo "Restarting the SMF services..."
svcadm restart cde-login

exit 0

Hope this help... at least, it will be an online-memo for us!