About Installing Manual Pages Under AIX 5L

Apr 27, 2007 | 1 minute read
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Installing manual pages under an OS seems trivial at first, but may be problematic, especially when using the 5.X series of AIX.

In fact, there is two reasons for this:

  1. First, IBM change the corresponding filesets name and number at each revision, sometime less (for example a new AIX distribution CDROM labeled AIX 5L - Version 5.3 - 5765-G03 - ML 5300-03, 10/2006 - LCD4-7463 - LCD4-7489-02 is very different from one labeled AIX 5L - Version 5.3 - 5765-G03 - ML 5300-03, 10/2006 - LCD4-7463-02 - LCD4-7489-02);
  2. Secondly, IBM is going to push all kind of documentation through their InfoCenter product line, a web based interface using Eclipse (also accessible on the IBM web site).

Installing manual pages under AIX 5.3ML3

Installing the manual pages is finally very simple: get the first and the third installation's CDs for AIX 5.3.ML3, and install the following filesets:

Eventually, don't forget to (re)create the windex database that is used by whatis(1) and the man(1) -f and -k options:

# catman -w