Installation of Micro Focus Server Express 64-bit Edition

Apr 27, 2007 | 3 minutes read
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Tag: Cobol

Installation of the Server Express Development System product

sh ./

Mount the installation media:

# mkdir /cdrom
# mount -o ro -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom

Run the setup script:

# cd /cdrom
# sh ./
 * a) Answer y to the license agreement
 * b) Select 5 "IBM RS6000    running AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3                   32/64-bit"
 * c) Answer y to confirm this choice
 * d) Select 1 "Server Express Development System - 32/64-bit - PRN=RXCAK/AAL:9i.T4.40.02"
 * e) Answer y to confirm this choice
 * f) Select /opt/microfocus/cobol as the default directory name for this product
 * g) Answer y to create it
 * h) Answer y to continue
 * i) Answer return to list the environmental settings
 * j) Answer y to confirm this choice
 * k) Answer y to "Do you want to make use of COBOL and Java working together?"
 * l) Select 6 "1.4.2 64-bit"
 * m) Answer y to install Micro Focus LMF
 * n) Answer y to keep the default directory name for License Manager (/opt/microfocus/mflmf)
 * o) Answer y to confirm this choice
 * p) Answer y to "Do you want only superuser to be able to access the License Admin System?"
 * q) Answer y to "Do you want license manager to be automatically started at boot time?"
 * r) Answer 64 to "Please enter either 32 or 64 to set the system default mode"
 * s) Answer n to "Do you want to install the Enterprise Server Development System - J2EE, Web Services, etc.?"
 * t) Answer y to "Would you like to install any LMF licenses now?"
 * u) Select I to install the License Manager
 * v) Enter the Serial Number part of the License Key...
 * w) Enter the License Number part of the License Key...

Unmount the installation media:

# cd
# umount /cdrom
# rmdir /cdrom

Post-installation phase

Ensure that the environment is set correctly to point the newly installed product:



Note that the Server Express come with 5 run-time builtin licensing facilities. If more licenses are required (or if a standalone Application Server is necessary), you can set them as follow:

Server Express

# cd /opt/microfocus/mflmf
# stty -a | egrep "col|row"
speed 38400 baud; 24 rows; 80 columns   /* A terminal of 80x25 or 80x24 is MANDATORY!  Be warned. */
# TERM=vt220 ./mflmadm

Application Server

# cd /opt/microfocus/cobol/aslmf
# ./apptrack

License Manager

Verify that it is automatically loaded at boot time:

# lsitab mF        
mF:2345:wait:sh /etc/mflmrcscript > /dev/null 2>&1

Note: It can be monitored using the lmfgetpv tool found under /opt/microfocus/mflmf.

Please refer to the Micro Focus website for more information on these products.