Memo About Some Very Interesting CLI Tools

Apr 27, 2007 | 1 minute read
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Tags: Boot, ODM

8231 crw——- 2 root system 17, 0 Apr 21 14:37 /dev/ipldevice 8231 crw——- 2 root system 17, 0 Apr 21 14:37 /dev/rhdisk0

[…] /dev/fslv07 /files/tmpcdinst jfs2 Jun 27 10:14 rw,log=/dev/loglv01

CuAt: name = "fslv07" attribute = "type" value = "jfs2" type = "R" generic = "DU" rep = "s" nls_index = 639

Boot disk configuration

After verifying there are two disks in the boot list...

# bootlist -m normal -o

... verify and create a boot image on the second mirrored boot disk:

# bosboot -vd hdisk1 && bosboot -ad hdisk1

How to know on which disk the OS has booted (bootblock used and kernel loaded):

# bootinfo -b

How to know on which mode the OS has booted (kernel in 32-bit or 64-bit):

# bootinfo -K

If there is some problem booting on one disk, be sure that the corresponding raw device are the same device as ipldevice:

# bootinfo -b
# ls -ilF /dev/ipldevice /dev/rhdisk0

VM information vs. ODM information

Assuming the following mounted file system:

# mount
  node       mounted        mounted over    vfs       date        options