One of my most very awaited book these days certainly is the forthcoming Solaris Internals, 2nd Edition -- note: The Complete FreeBSD is one from my previous hot list ;). The content cover an incredible list of various topics, especially updated with the new Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris features, such as:

  • Virtual Memory
  • File systems, including ZFS
  • Zones
  • Resource Management
  • Process Rights Management
  • DTrace
  • MDB
  • Solaris Performance tools

Interestingly, this one will finally be available on two separated but complementary books.

From this point, please follow these interesting blog entries from two of the original book writers:

  1. Brendan Gregg: Solaris Internals 2nd Edition
  2. Richard McDougall: Performance, Observability, DTrace and MDB

Can't wait for these to be available, really!