The alt.sysadmin.recovery Man Page Collection

Apr 27, 2007 | 1 minute read
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Tag: man

When bitching on alt.sysadmin.recovery, some of the contributors have authored the man pages they really wish were included in Unix (with their associated commands). They (sysadmins) truly are a twisted lot, and these contributions help to prove the point. The ASR man page collection is a comprehensive reference to many of the things sysadmins have to deal with in the profession... as i do! ;-)

Please find the source distribution, troff formatted pages, below:

Section 1 - User Commands

Section 2 - System Calls

Section 3 - C Library Functions

Section 5 - File Formats

Section 8 - Maintenance Commands

The online browsable version is also accessible.

The whole lot can be obtained as the ASR distribution archive set.