— /etc/init.d/autofs.orig Thu Aug 25 13:12:38 2005 +++ /etc/init.d/autofs Thu Aug 25 17:25:47 2005 @@ -67,7 +67,10 @@

We can add local options here

e.g. localoptions='rsize=8192,wsize=8192’

-localoptions=’’ +localoptions="-DOSNAME=uname -s \

  •          -DCPU=x86 \
  •          -DNATISA=32 \
  •          -DOSREL=`uname -r | awk -F\. '{print $1\".\"$2}'`"

Daemon options

e.g. –timeout 60

service autofs restart

Here are the steps to be able to use the current NIS and NFS infrastructure from a Linux server.


Be sure to resolve the NIS servers (slave and/or master) for the int domain name:

# egrep "nasty|bigup" /etc/hosts           nasty           bigup

Configure the NIS client:

# cat << EOF >> /etc/yp.conf
domain int server nasty
domain int server nasty
# grep NIS /etc/sysconfig/authconfig /etc/sysconfig/network


The NFS part is relatively simple since the autofs maps is looked up in the NIS maps (already managed by the corresponding boot script's service).

So, it is just needed to modify the automountd service to add some arguments that must be passed to the program. This is a necessary step to be able to automount the correct remote path using our customized autofs server. Here is how to do so.

Check the configuration of the run-level informations for the autofs service:

# chkconfig --list autofs
autofs          0:off   1:off   2:off   3:on    4:on    5:on    6:off

Modify the initial service configuration and reload it:

# diff -u /etc/init.d/autofs.orig /etc/init.d/autofs
/usr/sbin/automount /Soft yp auto.soft -ro,hard,bg,intr -DOSNAME=Linux        -DCPU=x86        -DNATISA=32        -DOSREL=2.4
/usr/sbin/automount /NTFS yp auto.nt  -DOSNAME=Linux        -DCPU=x86        -DNATISA=32        -DOSREL=2.4
/usr/sbin/automount /Home yp auto.home -rw,hard,bg,intr -DOSNAME=Linux        -DCPU=x86        -DNATISA=32        -DOSREL=2.4
/usr/sbin/automount /Apps yp auto.apps -ro,hard,bg,intr -DOSNAME=Linux        -DCPU=x86        -DNATISA=32        -DOSREL=2.4
/usr/sbin/automount /- yp  -DOSNAME=Linux        -DCPU=x86        -DNATISA=32        -DOSREL=2.4

Active Mount Points: