After more than five years hosting my own services exclusively based on Open Source products and executing on rock solid UNIX-like based environments--known as the Thilelli.NET Project, I decided (for personal convenience only) to move to external hosting providers. The new resources is now based on a mixed of Gandi and Joyent solutions.

Gandi and Joyent are well known for doing a very great job, in a pleasant manner. I urge you to learn about their work, and why Joyent is the biggest player in the OpenSolaris community (using SXCE in production), hiring nice and skilled guys in their team: Ben Rockwood, Mark Mayo, and Derek Crudgington, just to name a few.

It means that I will have more internal resources to try and build new technologies, avoiding strong constraints such as maintaining public view and external services without the resources and financial support such mentioned providers can have. It will increase email and web serviceability as well.

So, I hope you will have great time reading my blog, and don't forget to update your bookmarks and entries feed to: