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sh ./ -s beastie push

  • server: beastie => last configuration backuped => route_admin.cfg pushed => route_admin pushed

Based on existing procedures, here is a new tool which aim is to help adding centralized managed static routes for all servers hosted in the demilitarized zone. As for the Password Management for Hosts in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), this script is managed using the cvs(1) concurrent management system.

Follow are the three necessary files:

  1. this one is able to get, push and apply new static route(s) remotely
  2. route_admin this script can list and apply new static route(s) locally and is used from rc script at boot time
  3. route_admin.cfg current static routes commented configuration file; used by route_admin

Assuming that the environment variables ${CVSROOT} and ${CVS_RSH} are properly sets, here are little samples of usage:

# cvs checkout -P dmz_route && cd dmz_route
# sh ./
usage: [-hd] [-s servername,...] [-c config_file] [-i init.d_file] {push|add|status}
# sh ./ -s beastie status
* server: beastie
 => state of files:
     $Id: route_admin.cfg,v 1.10 2005/02/14 14:14:14 root Exp $
     $Id: route_admin,v 1.9 2004/09/14 08:19:29 root Exp $
 => show the routing tables:IRE Table: IPv4
  Destination             Mask           Gateway          Device Mxfrg  Rtt  Ref Flg  Out  In/Fwd