To easily manage LDAP accounts (and general LDAP entries in fact), we have created a Solaris Zone and installed the excellent Cool Stack bundle to host the LAM (LDAP Account Manager) management web tool. But after upgrading the Cool Stack to version 1.2 we encountered a very annoying problem mostly with freezing web pages, and generally ending up in restarting the Apache web server provided by the Cool Stack. After some troubleshooting, we discover that this behavior was introduced by a bug in the APC-3.0.14 module bundled with the updated php-5.2.4 scripting software in this version of the Cool Stack.

Luckily, the bug was already fixed and a new version of the APC extension of PHP is available for download (in fact, just replace to original module by the new one). All the Cool Stack related problems, associated fixes and instructions are listed on the Cool Stack 1.2 Patches page: be sure to keep in sync' if you are a Cool Stack consumer.