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May 14, 2008 | 1 minute read
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Why Choose this Particular Domain Name?

As for a lot of things in this world, there is no real reason behind it. It must be unique, quickly recognizable and... have a hidden meaning (like all Good Names(TM)).

So, after days trying to figure out which may be the better name for this project, my choice went on a very uncommon one: thilelli . This name, also sometimes spelled tilelli, is in fact a (female) first name with Berber's origin, which means Freedom. What a hidden meaning for an open source based project, isn't it?

Who Own It?

The short answer is basically... me.

A more longer answer is that it was registered at More information related to this domain name may be consulted at whatever WhoIs you prefer.

Why is this Site in English?

Because English is so common in Information Technology (the main purpose of this blog), i thought it may be interesting to write in this language in order to be more accessible through a lot of readers. However, since i am a French guy and not a native English speaker, any spelling/grammar mistakes are not to be excluded.

Feel free to proof-read my pages and email me, if any.