Best Way To Contact Me

May 14, 2008 | 1 minute read
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If you care, the best way to contact me is certainly by email. Although this an asynchronous and informal method, i really tend to prefer this way since it best corresponds to my needs (at least for a first contact). Generally speaking, i am very busy. I am busy with real life, and i am busy working as an IT systems engineer. I rarely answer GSM mobile phone calls directly, especially with an unknown caller phone number.

Take into account that i am attentive to the format of email i receive, too. Please consider reading carefully Using Internet mail, written by Greg Lehey, to have an idea of what i mean here. Although a little outdated, it is generally always applicable. Last, and as can be found on his web site:

As a measure against spam, my mail servers reject mail from servers which do not have reverse DNS lookup, or which claim to be a different name from the values returned by the reverse lookup. [...] If your ISP is one of these, you will not be able to send me mail.

If you are always interested to contact me, you can email me right now.