Solaris 11 Express: Problem #1

Dec 19, 2010 | 1 minute read
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Tags: SSH, Bug

In this series, I will report the bugs or problems I find when running the Oracle Solaris 11 Express distribution. I hope this will give more visibility on those PR to Oracle to correct them before the release of Solaris 11 next year.

After a fresh installation of Solaris 11 Express from the LiveUSB media, and with the default set of packages provided by this media (i.e. the slim_install profile), I just fell on the following error message from a secure-shell login connection:

invalid UTF-8 sequence: Cannot convert UTF-8 strings to the local codeset

In fact, this problem is not new and was caused by the integration of the locale fix number 6740240 which added a dependency of the libssh against the locale framework. This generate error messages on systems where the iconv data for UTF-8 is not available. So, this cause no problem for the proper execution of SSH per-se, but I find this a little bit annoying on a fresh installed system. So, my point here is that the dependency is not properly managed from the installation of Solaris 11 Express.

FYI, this problem is covered by the Bug ID number 6872504. Note that you can add yourself to the interest list at the bottom of the bug report page: