Oracle Launches Next Generation SPARC T4 Servers

Oct 20, 2011 | 3 minutes read
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Here is a little press review around Oracle technologies:

New SPARC T4 Servers Deliver World Record Performance, Trump the Competition on Multiple Business-Critical Workloads


The SPARC T4-4 is a high performing two or four-socket server based on the SPARC T4 processor and optimized for data-intensive and enterprise workloads. The SPARC T4-4 is the most powerful server in the T-Series product family delivering unsurpassed single and multi-thread throughput performance. With several world record benchmarks, the SPARC T4-4 has set yet another milestone for the SPARC based industry leading server platforms. The SPARC T4-4 server boasts speed, security, and unmatched availability to data in a modular and compact 5 RU design. It is an optimal server platform for Oracle database with enterprise reliability, availability and security along with outstanding single thread performance. SPARC T4-4 server nodes are the high performance system building blocks for fault tolerant SPARC Supercluster servers supporting business critical and performance sensitive workloads on Oracle Solaris.

News Facts

Oracle today announced its new SPARC T4 server line, delivering the biggest generational performance increase in the history of Oracle’s SPARC processors. Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers with Oracle Solaris deliver unparalleled performance with impressive economics and are designed for every tier in the enterprise. Oracle’s new SPARC systems excel on mission-critical single threaded and highly concurrent workloads, and enable customers to consolidate multiple application tiers onto a single server, reducing system complexity and improving utilization. Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers are engineered to provide both Oracle and third- party applications with high performance, security, availability and scalability, and are the foundation for Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, also announced today. Additional information on Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers will be available during Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Oracle’s SPARC T4 Servers Offer Built-In Virtualization, Security and Dynamic Threads.

Key features in Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers include

Built-in Virtualization with Live Migration – With both Oracle VM for SPARC and Solaris Zones, Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers provide the industry’s most robust framework for virtualizing both instances of Oracle Solaris, as well as lightweight virtualization for applications. The servers provision in seconds, and now come with live, secure migration. On-chip Cryptographic Acceleration – New crypto units support over a dozen industry standard ciphers, enabling security conscious organizations in industries including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services and the public sector to keep their data safe with up to 44 percent faster secure queries than the latest generation of x86 systems when encrypted with Oracle's Advanced Security Products(4), 3x faster Oracle Solaris ZFS file system encryption than the latest generation of x86 systems(5), and 4x faster single-thread OpenSSL security than IBM POWER7(6).

Dynamic Threads – The SPARC T4 processor includes automatic continuous adjustment of core resources to balance between per thread and many thread workloads. Integrated with Oracle Database 11g, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, and Java, the SPARC T4 processor presents no performance compromise against any customer workload, in real time.

SPARC T4 Deep Dive With Rick Hetherington

Rick Hetherington, Oracle’s vice president of hardware development, manages a team of architects and performance analysts who design Oracle’s M- and T-series processors. In this interview, Hetherington describes the technical details of the new SPARC T4 processor and explains why he thinks it is going to be an eye-opener for the industry.

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