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TechCast: Oracle Solaris Virtualization

Joost Pronk, CTO for Oracle Solaris Product Management, provides an overview of the robust virtualization functionality built into the Oracle Solaris OS.

TechCast: Is Solaris Dead (Again)?

Lynn Rohrer, director of Oracle Solaris product management, explains the strategic importance of Solaris to Oracle, and why Oracle invests so heavily in it.

TechCast: Oracle Systems Strategy Update: Oracle Solaris

John Fowler, Oracle Executive Vice President, Server and Storage Systems, details the strategy for Oracle Solaris.

TechCast: What's Important about Oracle Solaris 11 Installation

Improving the Installation Experience in Oracle Solaris 11.

TechCast: Oracle Optimized Solutions

Marshall Choy, Director Optimized Solutions, explains why Oracle's optimized applications-to-disk configurations free the sysadmin from mundane and trivial tasks.

Techcast: Oracle Database chooses Oracle Solaris Studio

Learn about what the Oracle Database likes most about the Oracle Solaris platform and Oracle Solaris Studio development tools. Find out what's new in Oracle Solaris Studio and how you can get early access to the latest innovations.

TechCast: Oracle Solaris 11 Security Overview

A high-level overview of Oracle Solaris 11 security capabilities.

TechCast: Changes in Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3

All about Oracle Solaris Cluster, including changes that have occurred since it became a part of Oracle and planned future developments.

TechCast: Oracle Solaris Optimizations for x86 Hardware

Chris Baker explains the optimizations for x86 hardware provided by Oracle Solaris, and how developers and sysadmins can take advantage of them.

TechCast: Oracle Solaris 11 Express IPS

Bart Smaalders, Solaris Core Engineering, explains how sysadmins will install and manage updates and patches using the new-and-improved Image Packaging System (IPS).

TechCast: Oracle Solaris Studio and Solaris 11 Express

Don Kretch and Vijay Tatkar discuss new features in Solaris Studio and the capabilities of Solaris 11 Express, including optimizations for the Oracle stack and both SPARC and x86 hardware.

TechCast: What's Great in Solaris 11 Express for Developers

George Drapeau, from Oracle ISV engineering, talks about the capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11 Express that will interest application developers, including the use of Solaris 10 branded zones and new DTrace probes.

TechCast: What's Great in Solaris 11 Express for Sysadmins

Markus Flierl, Dan Price, and Lianne Praza, from Solaris Core Engineering, describe how the new architecture of Solaris 11 Express Provides an integrated system that simplifies administration.

TechCast: DTrace for System Administrators, with Brendan Gregg

Rick Ramsey, Solaris Community Leader, interviews Brendan Gregg.

TechCast: Preparing for Solaris 11 Installation

Dave Miner, architect for Solaris Installation, describes the changes to the installation process and tools for Solaris 11.